Miki E. (from U.K):

I was in California doing some sensory integration therapy when someone mentioned Innovative therapy for kids (IT4K)
When we met Laura and her team for the first time, we were blown away by their knowledge, expertise, professionalism and the immediate results we saw in Finley.
Within hours the team was helping Finley to produce new sounds and words, and within days he was developing new motor skills such as eating with a fork or spoon which he could not previously do.
We did an intensive 3-week program using state of the art technology called LIFT which brought further improvements in cognition, speech, focus and attention span.
I have not found anyone in the UK that even comes close to the skill set, expertise and professionalism that you find at IT4K and I highly recommend them to anyone with a child with special needs or learning difficulties.

Nicole R.:

My daughter has so much fun coming to therapy with Miss Kathy and Miss Tori that she doesn’t realize how much she is learning and growing. While therapy has helped my daughter with self-regulating and sensory processing, watching these amazing therapists and being able to talk with them has helped ME tremendously. I have learned things about my daughter that I had never understood and I am a better parent and home school mom because of it. I appreciate how loving, caring, patient and “innovative” these therapists are. I have recommended IT4K to several foster-adoptive families that I work with!


Ayron M.:

Our daughter has completed three LiFT sessions with IT4K’s unique use of this tool. Through the in-clinic sessions we have seen huge leaps in areas that can only be attributed to this amazing program. First, within weeks of the first session we noticed that her clarity and actual vocabulary increased dramatically. Family and friends noticed as well! The same has followed the rest of our sessions too, leading to a dramatic change in her speech! Next, we have seen a difference in her balance and coordination. While it’s hard to explain, examples would be a much higher ability level at local play grounds, jumping with two feet instead of leading with one, and just an all over change and increase in running. Finally, I will never forget the thoughts that she was able to form into words in her first LiFT session – it’s like it enabled her to say what she always wanted to. So beautiful, I cried! LiFT is worth it!


Mindy P.:

IT4K has helped our child tremendously with her speech, fine motor, and gross motor skills. All the therapists are kind and caring, and they try to get to know your child as well as possible. They have addressed our daughter’s speech disorder using not only speech therapy techniques but have incorporated gross motor and fine motor activities as well, which has benefited her speech. Our daughter always finds the therapy activities engaging, and she enjoys her sessions with the therapists. The front office staff is always very friendly and helpful, also!


Alaina J.:

Thank you, Innovative Therapy, for an amazing experience. We have been coming for 7 ½ years and we consider everyone here as family. The quality of therapists and programs provided is the best I have seen. Your team has so many ideas to help with a variety of problems. I appreciate that you are always willing to collaborate with Home + School therapy teams to make a cohesive program. Our son has made tremendous progress and I have also learned so much about how to help him at home. Thank you and we look forward to continuing with you.


Tyler A.:

I think the entire staff at IT4K is great. They do a wonderful job working together to provide the best for their patients. One of the aspects that I appreciate the most is their dedication and willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure the people they are helping are as successful in their treatments as they can be.

From my personal experience, IT4K has helped me profoundly in my journey by giving me the tools and guidance I need to excel. They are always there when you need them and care for the well-being of their patients above all else.


John M.:

IT4K is the home of some of the most qualified and caring individuals I have observed. This extends to the staff and management as well as the therapists. Our daughter has benefited from her OT and PT sessions. She recently started a peer communication session which has proved beneficial already.

Everyone here goes above and beyond the expected to serve and help our kids. Our daughter’s IEP related MAPS meeting at her school, attended by one of her IT4K therapist, lasted over 2 hours and helped her teachers learn about her needs and capabilities. A great deal of input information came from her IT4K experiences.

I highly recommend the caring people at IT4K. Our daughter is a happy and successful child due in large part to her time at IT4K.


Linda S.:

In conjunction with Invisalign braces from my orthodontist, I saw Laura Walls to alleviate my TMJ problems which included pain and clicking in my jaw, particularly the left side.  If I had seen Laura Walls after I had braces years ago, I probably wouldn’t have needed them again as an adult!

Exercises initiated in the office, and now followed at home, addressed improper tongue thrust and encouraged my jaw to relax instead of clenching. My overall general posture has improved and I’m much more conscious about staying balanced. Laura Walls is fantastic.  She’s very intuitive, knowledgeable and she LISTENS.  The entire front desk staff is compassionate, observant and welcoming.

IT4K was a very positive experience for me.


Elena E.:

My boys love Mrs. Kathy P. She is wonderful with kids. Mrs. Kathy has the ability to give all her love to every single kid, and see only goodness and great potential in each of them. I tried several different places before IT4K and I don’t need to look any farther, because I found the best.

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