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The My Mouthworks Program is developed by Innovative Therapy, a state of the art company who specializes in easily and effectively treating tongue thrust, TMD (jaw pain), and swallowing disorders associated with malocclusion.

Studies and experience show the pressure of the tongue in the abnormal swallow pattern can force the teeth out of alignment and cause malocclusion and orthodontic relapse. A tongue thrust may additionally result in having difficulty swallowing, TMJ, low self esteem, and poor speech clarity.


My MouthWorks Program

Our Innovative MOUTHWORKS team has developed a proven technique to help Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) and tongue thrust.  In this technique, there are two phases for treating TMJD and tongue thrust. Below is an outline of the phases:

Phase 1:

  • Purpose: address patient pain and treat TMJD symptoms
  • Length: approximately 4 sessions

Re-assessment of pain level after Phase 1

Phase 2:

  • Purpose: Identify, treat and generalize proper mouth function and oral placement.
  • Length: approximately 12 to 16 sessions, depending on each patient’s case and active patient participation

While treating TMJD or tongue thrust, the MOUTHWORKS team also adheres to four key stages during the treatment.

Stage 1 = Identify…

  • Current behaviors resulting in incorrect tongue placement and develop self-awareness of those behaviors.

Stage 2 = Condition…

  • Exercises during everyday activities to maximize benefits and train muscles associated with swallowing to work effectively and efficiently

Stage 3 = Generalize…

  • A proper tongue position and swallowing pattern throughout the day

Stage 4 = Habituate…

  • A correct swallowing pattern and proper tongue placement

Benefits of the My MouthWorks Program

  • Remediate (TMJD)  Jaw Pain and discomfort
  • Correct Swallow patterns that relate to poor dentition
  • Correct Tongue posture for adequate speaking, eating and drinking
  • Eliminate Mouth breathing
  • Eliminate Tongue Thrust
  • Lessen the effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Prevent Orthodontic relapse
  • Identify lip and tongue tie
  • Remediate oral dysphagia; aspiration, tube-feed complications, etc

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