IT4K Founders

“Reaching for the Stars”

For some children, activities and skills that often come naturally, such as achieving integration of reflexes, reaching developmental milestones, playing, socializing, eating, listening and even talking, can be difficult or impossible. At an early age, those children must learn to compensate causing an imbalance in function and ability. Unfortunately, without a solid foundation of developmental skills, learning and typical daily tasks become more and more difficult.  Our philosophy is based on the belief that a label will not stop a child from achieving!

We at Innovative Therapy 4-Kids, Inc. are dedicated in helping to identify your child’s unique needs and establish guidelines that are essential to your child’s success. Our therapists are trained in using a child’s areas of strength to combat weakness. This specialized technique is proven effective for all levels of needs, all disabilities, ages, genders and may be performed in clinic, at home, and in educational and daily environments.

Innovative Therapy 4 Kids Inc., the first private multidisciplinary practice in San Diego County was established in Carlsbad in 2000 by Laura Driessen Walls, M.S.CCC-SLP and Amy Duffner Johnson, PT.

Our practice continues to grow and improve so that we can better serve children and families in our community. Thanks to the support of our families and the success of our amazing kids, we have reached beyond the stars.

Beginning in a small two-room clinic, we have recently moved to a new location with 9 therapy rooms. Our new location offers rock walls in two of the larger therapy rooms, suspended equipment in each room, two rooms themed for our older patients, a resource library, remote filming ability, and a fun waiting area filled with interactive toys. We also have a therapy kitchen and one-way glass in all of the therapy rooms so that parents/teachers may watch all interactions.

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